Professor Luc Montagnier 

Nobel Prize in Medicine

" Before reading this book, hypnosis evoked for me the memory of a famous painting by André Brouillet at the end of the nineteenth century that showed Professor Jean-Martin Charcot at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital, lulling one of her patients who were described at the time as "hysterical". Farther still in my childhood memories, out of my subconscious, the name of Charcot evoked his son, Commander Jean Charcot, and his tragic disappearance in his last Arctic exploration with his boat the "Pourquoi pas" (translated as "Why not"), which had aroused a lot of emotion at the time, just before the monstrous devastations of the war. Today, Richard Garnier describes his own journey in this old-rooted new therapy, very different from the hypnosis of the theaters where well-chosen subjects collapsed or woke up to the finger and the eye of the hypnotist."

" No, hypnosis is much more than that, the author shows us, it can act on the great evils of our century, including pain, tobacco addiction, obesity, stress."

" From now on, many surgical operations are performed under hypnosis, without any anesthesia. Integrative medicine, which mixes classical medicine and alternative medicine (hypnosis, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.) is becoming increasingly popular in the world. " Men's Sana in Corpore Sano", the medicine of today wants to combine the unsuspected powers of the psyche with the vogue of chemistry and molecular biology. These resources that sleep in our brain, hypnosis paradoxically, are there to wake them up. The practices of hypnosis based on knowledge acquired over decades, Richard Garnier shares with us in this fascinating book."


Valérie Perrin

Best selling author

"Richard Garnier was advised to me by Frédéric Saldmann, a cardiologist and nutritionist at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris 15. During a consultation, the professor urged me to contact Mr. Garnier, hypnotherapist, for the 'quitting smoking, guaranteeing me that he was getting results close to 100% with his many patients and has done so for years."


"On August 28, 2020, I met Richard Garnier in Paris in his office. We spoke, he explained to me that the first three days of quitting smoking would be difficult and that after this period, I would be free from addiction for more than 35 years."

"I guarantee on my honor that since August 28, 2020, I have never smoked a cigarette again. What I feel for this session with Richard Garnier is that he has "deprogrammed" my desire to smoke. Mentally, the image of cigarettes disgusts me and when I meet a person who smokes in the street, it upsets me. I want to point out that I had tried to quit dozens of times in my life, to no avail. The stop provoked my infinite sadness, an abysmal withdrawal, and compulsive cravings. I associated the act of smoking with joy and certain freedom.

The first month of withdrawal was difficult, but today I guarantee that I no longer feel like smoking, even in the evening, even in difficult times. And the only thing I can feel is a huge victory. A saving liberation. For 5 months, no sadness and no cravings that would compensate for a non-existent lack."


"I went back to see him two weeks after the first session to take stock of my state of health, Richard Garnier immediately felt that I was in a state of advanced physical exhaustion. He helped me regain my strength. I couldn't say how, but it is obvious that it gives off an extremely positive fluid to get anyone back on their feet. He undoubtedly has the power to realign people, like a re-education of the mind. It is a battery "recharge" like the sun can be.

This therapist seems to be essential for the health of others, their well-being. I wish him a long life so that he can continue to practice his profession and do good to his fellows."

Liliane Cilli

Liliane Cilli certifies that M. Richard GARNIER worked with her during a consultation in Paris.

"I have had hepatitis B since 2005 and was being treated for the condition. I also suffered from hypoglycemia, especially during the night. After several sessions with Mr. Garnier, my condition has really improved. The hepatitis B test came back negative to the doctors' surprise.


My hypoglycemic seizures started to space out. The meetings at Monsieur GARNIER are full of empathy and gentleness. The feelings during the sessions are diverse.

It feels like a moment of well-being but you quickly realize that the body is torn. We leave these meetings tired, a bit groggy. 24 hours are required to "feel and see the effects of these treatments."

Done in Paris on January 11, 2021

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Hepatite B.JPG

Amelie Hall

Author & Singer


" To say Richard Garnier saved my life would be an understatement. He didn’t save my life! But did better! He helps me take the wheel! If life was a vehicle I would say Richard thought me how to drive. Driving through life and the different roads, it offers. I learned that on the road of life you are never in the passenger seat, you are the driver and whatever happens to you is connected to the way you handle the wheel. As far as I can remember I went through life feeling like a victim. My thoughts were slowly becoming darker and darker and I could not understand how one could suffer so much and I would just go into this dark spirals where I felt like I was constantly drowning and trying to swim up to the surface. I felt like something was eating me alive from the inside. Being an artist and having to deal with all of the pressure and miss conceptions of my career, I was on the verge of letting my career go thinking that life would never give me the pleasure of fulfilling my dreams. Then one day out of the blue my manager invites me for dinner and I met Richard. It was day one of a new life, a new vision. I am a very skeptical person and always stayed away from anything that is not explainable by science. My whole vision of the world was about to change, but I was still looking for the glitch. Am I so low that I am trying to believe in anything that would give me comfort? Is this a hoax? I never really found an answer to that one. Instead, I found inner peace and a feeling so light like all of the heaviness was gone. As soon as Richard steps into a room you can feel his presence. I am amazed by this invisible power he holds. It feels like magic at first! With time I understood that we can reprogram ourselves like computers and fix the glitches in our brain for it to be able to function to its full capacity. With choices of words, good life habits. Your body is the vehicle that drives you through life so like a car you need to change the oil, put proper gas and cherish it. With his Hypnosis skills and NPL approach and add to that the countless diplomas and certificates and life experiences, he’s been able to put together a human approach without judgment where one feels like it can just open up. He then guides you with your own questions and answer, and I love how he will tell it to you as it is. It is comforting in a digital world where hypocrisy is everywhere and everybody is playing a role. It is a very comforting process. I have seen a psychologist forever now and could never open up. Without the hypnosis, I could never go deep enough to fix any problems. With my very public career, it was becoming a habit to keep everything inside. Hypnosis helped me let go of fear so I could hear the music clearly. I have to say I am a very modest person when it comes to my sexual life and probably never really understood the importance of self-respect and good sexual relationships. However, all of that changed after therapy. I started to see sex as an exchange of energy. Choose my partners wisely the become one with you. Through that process, I saw my whole connection with my body change which came with a very positive income. Everything became more intense and I actually feel in the present moment before I felt like I was somewhere else either in my thoughts or literally not there. The positive changes in my life came after all of that process. Taking responsibility for every action or bad lucks as we call them. The years after that I won every award I was nominated for, people would tell me how I was just shining and had that little “Je ne sais quoi”. My voice improved for I let go of fear. Letting go of fear was the biggest goal for me and I genuinely thought that would never happen. I still get submerged with fear sometimes, the feeling will always be there, but now when it happens, I have certain inner tools to filter and rationalize things. Richard simply connected to my energy, felt things, identified things, and then used his vast knowledge and a little invisible magic. His approach is one of a kind and I have trouble putting into words what it is exactly. I do believe he found a way to make something conventional unconventional. For someone who couldn’t open up to any possibilities I now believe everything is possible, I am driving, I am behind the wheel. I do believe now that everything comes from me, my perception. The energetic treatments made me believe in magic again, it made me understand that some of the greatest things are invisible. I needed a human approach that doesn’t feel like it came from a book but from a friend. I needed Richard! Everybody needs a Richard."


Kimberly Tronic

Author & Cancer survivor



Simply stated, Richard changed my life.


" Words can hardly do justice in describing his capabilities and intuition. From the moment we met, I could tell that he knew me better than I knew myself. Richard immediately identified underlying issues I’d been battling for a long time - but he unearthed some key revelations that were buried so deep within my psyche, I’d never identified the true root of my struggles."


" Self-doubt and raging insecurities, compounded with fear and anxiety about my health and future (following a cancer diagnosis), had been following me around for years, like an unwanted shadow. Despite only knowing each other for a matter of minutes, Richard detected the very cause of those doubts, fears, and anxieties, digging through the layers and barriers I’d unknowingly created within myself. His abilities and perceptions transcend those of anyone I’ve ever encountered."


" Probably the most significant gift he’s given me is that of self-love. We’ve all heard the sentiment that we should love ourselves, but knowing it and FEELING it is different ideologies. Our sessions together were unique and unlike anything I’ve experienced in the past, leaving me clearer, lighter, and certain about myself and my future. For the first time, I actually felt self-love and somehow synched with the energies of the Universe. I felt whole, self-assured, and clear. Now with a clean bill of physical health and a fresh perspective, I see the world - and myself - through an entirely new lens. For that, I will always be grateful to Richard and this life-altering experience. "


Justin Tranz



" Not only do I do comedy hypnosis on stage from Las Vegas to Broadway, and all over the world. I also do hypnosis on TV, and I'm featured in many commercials as a hypnotist using my skills to entertain, and sell products. I hypnotize professional athletes such as boxers, NBA, and NFL players so they can perform at peak performance in their respective sports. I have done hypnosis at the highest levels, seen a lot of hypnosis, and hypnotists in my day. Richard Garnier came to Las Vegas to learn hypnosis in 2010 from France. He was already doing hypnosis long before he met me, however, he came to learn my style of hypnosis. I was amazed at Richard's expertise, knowledge, and success with hypnosis. When I say success let me be more clear. This man is very gifted, has taken hypnosis to another level, and can help people with all sorts of issues they would like to improve upon. Richard showed me hypnosis techniques he created, that are just masterful and brilliant. You see 99% of hypnotists are mediocre or average at best, using highly ineffective and outdated methods that only work on 10 to 20% of the adult population over the age of 23. This man is an innovator, a pioneer, and a much unknown leader in the hypnosis community using cutting-edge and powerful hypnosis he created. I am proud to have met Richard Garnier, and see him as a friend and equal in the hypnosis industry. Richard Garnier stimulated my imagination, and made me a better hypnotist! "


Dr. Carmen Harra

Psychologist & Author 


" Richard Garnier's book "Your Help is in Your Eyes" is a powerful testimony to the health benefits of hypnosis. Inspired by the ancient teachings in modern form, Garnier shows us how to dive into the most profound parts of the subconscious mind to overcome phobias, reduce stress, eliminate anxiety, heal from the past, and improve everyday life. I highly recommend Garnier's work for anyone wishing to empower and enlighten the authentic self."


Jerry Alan Johnson



"As a Professor of Chinese Energetic Medicine, I have had the honor of teaching Richard Garnier for many years; and his understanding of how the body, mind, and spirit react to suggestive patterning is exceptional. I also know that he has been in search of deeper spiritual knowledge through which to help others and ease their suffering. Because of this, I believe that Richard has developed a wonderful healing gift that will be of great service to many. As Richard continues to venture towards mastering the various skills of hypnosis, I believe his natural creative abilities and innate intuitive awareness will open many doors to new healing possibilities in both Europe as well as in the West."


Adelita McGrath

Jui-Jitsu champion


"Thank you for helping me get ready for my final world jiu-jitsu tournament. I am positive that you have helped stimulate my confidence, concentration, winning mindset, motivation, and also helped enormously with the physical and psychological aspects of weight loss. With your assistance, I managed to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, which allowed me to qualify for my weight category. I was also able to use anchors to find motivation and energy to win all my matches even though I would have lost these matches in the past. I am truly impressed. I look forward to working with you in future competitions and casting calls. I strongly recommend your services to my friends and relatives."


Mr. Gaudel Jean-Christophe 

​" I quit smoking as a result of Richard Garnier's hypnotherapy. I've smoked two packs a day in the last 25 years. I tried to quit smoking several times, but I was unsuccessful and unwilling. Since that session with Richard Garnier, I completely quit smoking without any difficulty and don't have any stress. Even today, the odor of tobacco and the taste of cigarettes disgust me. "​