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Born and raised in France, Richard Garnier recently relocated from Canada to Santa Monica, California to launch his wellness practice Hypnomagnetism. 


At the age of 18, Richard witnessed a person receiving healing – a moment that was a catalyst and a source of inspiration to him. The flame was lit and Richard started to see the world through a new lens. 


After obtaining a business degree, he pursued a career in business while simultaneously studying and building his library and practice through the creation of his own company for alternative methodologies. In 2000, he devoted himself fully to healing and transformation.


Trained in both Eastern and Western methodologies, Richard has gathered a unique library and toolbox of ancient energy modalities (Taoism, Tibetan studies, Qigong) and modern-day neuroscientific techniques (hypnosis, NLP/neuro-linguistic programming). Richard offers new perspectives, insights, and teachings from his travels around the world, and exchanges knowledge with thought leaders in alternative practices and disciplines, including Tibetan, Taoist, and Shaman Native American masters, among others. He has studied and practiced with the revered Balinese healers known as "Mangkus” in Bali. Endorsed by Master Manku, Richard became one the first Western practitioners to receive the title of Mangku. This blend of knowledge and expertise enables Richard to integrate his vast knowledge and commitment to excellence into his practice, combining what is measurable with what is not.


His philosophy of physical healing places equal emphasis on the psychological wellbeing of the patient, particularly in terms of past unresolved emotional trauma. Through his individualized psycho-spiritual-energetic exploration and reconciliation, Richard has achieved profound results with patients suffering from daily problems and severe chronic diseases.


"Your Health With Your Eyes Closed"

Richard is the author of "Your health with your eyes closed", a preface written by Nobel Prize winner in medicine, Professor Luc Montagnier who is the one who discovered HIV in the World. Richard shares powerful knowledge and expertise on the use of hypnotherapy to support people on their path to Self-development and to self-improvement (smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, increased concentration, libido recovery, sleep improvement, and a culture of inner peace and happiness).  Shall we talk about mental depression and suicide?



Richard Garnier has invented, with the advice of renowned scientists such as Dr. Jeffrey Thomson, Founder of the Neuroacoustics Research Center in Carlsbad, California, a revolutionary technology, infinitely replicable, that allows the positive transformation of body and mind. Holiseat is the creation of the first seat to boost the immune system, rejuvenate biologically, get thinner, and enlarge breast size using a technique that is natural, accessible, affordable, and easy. 


The prototype of the Holiseat chair has been part of multiple trials such as:

  • Enhancing Telomeres growth to rejuvenate biologically. Telomeres are located at the end of chromosomes. Their length affects the speed of cellular aging and preserve chromosome stability.

  • Weight loss using the Hypno-magnetism method (Hypnoslim). Subjects have lost weight thanks to Hypnoslim Hypno-magnetism technology. To date, no other non-invasive method has achieved this level of results. A study published in Gazzetta Medica Italiana validated the Hypno-magnetism method for thinning.