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Richard’s work emphasizes consciousness, health, and healing. Energies play a central theme in Richard's work using a combination of learning modalities to transform and elevate his clients' lives.


Always hungry to challenge the status quo, Richard has been at one with the notion “Everything is possible...Everything is energy.”


An avid researcher at heart, Richard taps into his intuition and transformational capabilities to develop specialized modalities that combine older traditions with newer technologies.

His specialty is his ability to listen and identify the modalities that are best for each individual - no treatment is ever the same.


Richard knows that healing is a personalized experience for every person, optimized through a customized blend of traditional and metaphysical practices.


He is gifted in his ability to perceive the root cause of his client’s issue and, as an artist, chooses from his palette of transformational modalities, optimized through a customized blend of Western and Eastern to create a new paradigm for optimum.